Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My future.

So my boyfriend proposed to me about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It was on a weekend and I don't feel like doing the math. I am utterly excited. I am going to get married! To the best guy that I have ever met or known in my life. The wedding is in ST. Paul. I want it all to be outside. Not the ceremony, but the reception. My MOH is my sister and my bridesmaids are my other sister and then my hs friend.. and i still need to ask the future sis-in law if she will be my Jr. Bridesmaid. I want my adorable niece to be my flowergirl and my youngerst bro to be to be my ringbearer..

June is an OK month. Finished an Art Cinema class, and started Spanish 1003. I decided that this fall I want to transfer to MCTC for apparel technologies. A.K.A learning to sew clothing. Tomorrow I plan on going to go visit the college and if I like it I am going to see what it would take to transfer my credits. I am excited.

Also this weekend my parents have a quilt show in St. Cloud which is like an hour and a half from here so I am going to go help them out at the show in payment for them fixing my car. I will also get to see the twins, because my oldest sister is bringing them to the quilt show for the day.

I can't wait until next weekend because I am going to go visit my love in Madison WI. I took Sunday off of work so that we get the full weekend together. Anyways Off I am to work. ttyl