Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ok and the last catchup post.

Ok, and finally! In my Industrial Sewing class we learned how to use the serger and make T-shirts. I made a baby tee, and then I made a Lasair-Sized Tee. I wanted to put cuffs on it so the arms have 2 inch long cuffs and the bottom ends with blue, there is brown in the pictures but i have a brown tank top on underneath my Tee.

Another catchup post

Ok also, when I first moved here I started knitting again and this is my latest knitting project. Still working on the latest that one might take awhile. This is a blue, yellow, and white variety color yarn and i used super big 7mm knitting needles because I wanted the really big holes and lightness effect. Enjoy.

Catch Up Post.....

Sooo I haven't posted in a long time, since this time July... 3 months ago. Anyways I moved into the basement of a duplex with 2 friends. I had to make my basement a little less dreary so my latest 'craft' was to put these ..... on my walls. Yes, i finger-painted them because I had no paintbrush thin enough. Oh and also, I did not do the vines on the fusebox cover... My fiance Jesse deserves all the credit for that one.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Yellow Neckwarmer

So I taught myself to knit and finished my very first knitting project, I had bought this really soft pretty yellow yarn at a thrift store for 99 cents and I wanted to do something with it. My first project was going to be a scarf but I didn't have enough yarn so I just finished it off as a neck warmer and here it is. I plan on starting something new soon, or maybe finishing my quilt that I have been planning to do all summer. Maybe I should finish the quilt.........

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Topic

So I have decided that I am now going to dedicate this Blog to my crafty style things to go with the title more. And because I want somewhere to write down what im making, how long its taking me and to get new ideas for stuff to do. Alrighty then, lets get a-crackin!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My future.

So my boyfriend proposed to me about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It was on a weekend and I don't feel like doing the math. I am utterly excited. I am going to get married! To the best guy that I have ever met or known in my life. The wedding is in ST. Paul. I want it all to be outside. Not the ceremony, but the reception. My MOH is my sister and my bridesmaids are my other sister and then my hs friend.. and i still need to ask the future sis-in law if she will be my Jr. Bridesmaid. I want my adorable niece to be my flowergirl and my youngerst bro to be to be my ringbearer..

June is an OK month. Finished an Art Cinema class, and started Spanish 1003. I decided that this fall I want to transfer to MCTC for apparel technologies. A.K.A learning to sew clothing. Tomorrow I plan on going to go visit the college and if I like it I am going to see what it would take to transfer my credits. I am excited.

Also this weekend my parents have a quilt show in St. Cloud which is like an hour and a half from here so I am going to go help them out at the show in payment for them fixing my car. I will also get to see the twins, because my oldest sister is bringing them to the quilt show for the day.

I can't wait until next weekend because I am going to go visit my love in Madison WI. I took Sunday off of work so that we get the full weekend together. Anyways Off I am to work. ttyl

Friday, May 7, 2010


So- the art of studying.
Not much to say here, except for the fact that I really dislike it. At the moment I should be reading about 4 chapters in Astronomy for my test next Thursday and I am tragically failing. I am studying with Jesse and everytime I read something cool I have to tell him and then I distract us both by just rambling for like 20 minutes. At the moment I am truly procrastinating and I LoVe it! Ok ,!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

End of the Semester

So it was my first year at college. It was not what I expected at all. We are prepared for college at such a young age, with people telling us how great it is, and how it is the best time of our lives. I do not agree. I think that our lives are what we make them. All-in-all it was a very productive year.. I found my boyfriend (who is totally amazing), learned that I am much more of a procrastinator than I thought I was (this blog is proof, I could be working on my paper), and I found out that I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life.
I have about a week to get all packed up and move to my summer home. The rent is 200$ and I am going to be sharing a room with another girl, of which whom I have met and she seems pretty cool. I have not started packing yet but my roommate has and its kind of amusing. This summer I am taking 10 credits, hopefully, if we can get enough people into the guitar class, otherwise it will be canceled.
OK no more procrastinating... back to my paper & speech.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Top 20 things that I < 3

1) Cuddling up with a movie, a hot drink, and my boy.
2) Thunder

3) When you are flipping through channels on the TV and you find your favorite movie.
4) When spring comes and there are trees that are absolutely covered in flowers.

a) And other little miracles like that, that God creates.
5) Hanging out and laughing with friends.
6) Seeing a finished project and remembering all of the hard work put into it.
7) Getting more than 8 hours of sleep but less than 11 in a warm, soft, comfy bed.

8) Freshly squeezed Apple Cider in the fall.

9) Long walks in the country.

10) Doing well on something that you worked hard for.

11) Chocolate

12) Looking through old pictures and remembering the good times.
13) Tying a new pair of sneakers nice'n tight and going for a jog or walk.

14) Making music to relax.

15) Knowing that in the end, all that will matter is that you enjoyed your life and lived it to your fullest.
16) Reading books for fun.

17) Getting a new notebook and brand new markers, colored pencils, or crayons to fill it up with.

18) Finding that perfect accessory that goes with any outfit, whether or not you get ready for the day or just roll out of bed. a.k.a - headbands, scarves, hats....etc.
19) Monday mornings. It is the only day of the week where you can wake up in the morning and think "This is going to be a great week!" and then I spend time getting ready and looking great before I leave the room.
20) That occasional moment when the world seems to be absolutely perfect and things may be wrong but you know that can get through them.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Time!

Spring is finally here again and it is GORGEOUS outside! I brought my laptop to get fixed so no laptop for 3 weeks. At least I have the library computer and the computer lab.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My 19th Birthday

So last week I had my 19th Birthday. The day before my birthday my boyfriend, and I visited his parents home. Surprise, surprise, his mom had baked me a chocolate cake! It was so sweet of her, I wasn't really expecting it. On my birthday I spent the whole day driving up to Winnipeg in Canada and just roaming around the city with my boyfriend. It was a blast. We walked up and down the Red River and visited the Saint Boniface Museum. All in all it was an awesome day.