Monday, April 28, 2014

Rain and Capes

Here in Minnesota we are supposed to get five day's of rain. Most people would balk at this and despair about the rainy weather. If you know me well, you know that I love thunderstorms. Now don't get me wrong after the bitter winter, I could use some warm 70 degree sunny days. On the other hand as long as I have a hot drink and a cozy home, give me a good thunderstorm any day. So five days of falling asleep to drizzly wonderfulness sounds awfully nice. The only thing that would make it better would be to be able to share a teabag with my husband.

My latest project wasn't actually my project. My 11 year old brother in law pestered me for a while to help him make a cape. I finally relented and his mom and I picked out an old black shirt and an old green pillowcase to upcycle. We cut off the sleeves and front, sewed on the green lining from the pillowcase, finished the edges, and added velcro.

He loves it because with the collar down he is a good guy, and with the collar up, he is a bad guy. Imagination nation. Although, I think it will be a while before I start my next project with a young person. My patience is only so thick.

  Live and Love

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coloring Easter Eggs and a Stripey Tie

Easter was a lot of fun, it was the last weekend before Mr. Sir left for Basic Training. He left yesterday and should be arriving in Texas sometime this evening. So we did lots of man-stuff. Grilled brats, drank beer, (well, he did... I don't like beer) played football, and watched Thor.

James enjoying the spring time.

Also, this weekend was a prime time to color eggs with the in-law's. Instead of getting white eggs from the store, they get brown eggs and I think coloring brown eggs is prettier than the white ones. The tones are a more neutral color. I also dug out a crayon to make pretty patterns, and my sister-in-law dug out a rubber band for stripes. 


On Easter we had a goodie hunt where my Mother-in-law played Easter Bunny and then we went over to Granny's (Grandmother-in-law) House where the kids had an egg hunt. James had fun picking up the eggs and toddling around of course sporting his stripey-tie. I can't believe it still fits him! He got this when he was born.

Then, yesterday after dropping Mr. Sir off, James and I went to the Natural Food Coop where I buy my honey and spices to pick up his new sippy cup lids. Before he was born I scored a deal at a thrift store, getting 4 Lifefactory glass baby bottles for $8 total, still in the packaging. New, these bottles would have been about $60. I love these bottles, they don't break, they are easy to grip, they are glass so I know they are clean, I can sterilize them easily. We have 2-8 oz. bottles and 2-4 oz. bottles which are the perfect sizes. So I spent $7 and bought sippy lids so that James can use them longer. They work much better on the smaller bottles,  Little James could not get the sippy to his mouth with the big bottle. But this purchase made me a happy momma. I am also happy that he figured the sippy out with no problem and it is so cute to watch him toddling around with his sippy cup.

 Live and Love... until next time.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pictures of the Recently Enjoyed Springtime

Spring is here. Even in Minnesota we can finally say that it is springtime. When the 'official' spring rolled around on March 20th, I could just see Minnesotan's rolling their eyes and saying "Yeah, right." If I recall, I am pretty sure it snowed that day. Or sometime near that day.

Now though, now it is spring. Last week I think it almost got up to 70 degree's. Today it was cold, below freezing , I think it was around 30 degrees. Hey, it's Minnesota though, we are scheduled to get back up to 73 by next Monday. Such is the life.

Enough about the weather though. Now for some cute toddler pictures. I know I post about James a lot, but hey, where else am I supposed to show off this adorable face?

 I came home from work one morning, after working an overnight shift. This is what I saw when I entered the bedroom. It melted my heart. 

 Enjoying the springtime with Grandma.

 And with cool uncles, who let James get close to the puddles.

(Just look at those adorable cowboy boots.....)

Mr. Sir, James and I went on a date to the city. Going for walks along the Mississippi wear a little guy out. He fell asleep on daddy's lap at the restaurant. Slept there for a good 15 minutes. 

"Daddy, look! A book about airplanes!"

Live and Love

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Worry, Hebrews, and toy soup.

Monday marked t-minus two weeks until Mr.Sir leaves for Air Force basic training. He will be gone until sometime this fall. Am I nervous? Very. Will I miss him? Of course. Can I handle it? Yes.

We were on a date on Monday and walked through Barnes and Noble. I came across a tacky little plaque that read, "Worry is like a rocking chair. You can go back and forth and back and forth but it will get you nowhere." I kind of like it. It's true. I can sit and worry about what will happen while he is gone. Then I can worry about visiting him. I can worry about where we will end up. I can worry about a lot of things but it will get me nowhere. 

I was reading somewhere in Hebrews 11 in the Bible the other night. I don't have an exact verse on me at the moment. But it talked about all the Old Testament folks like Abraham and Noah and so forth. How they listened and trusted God. Leaving all they knew because God told them to. Most of the sentences started with "By faith..." It was annoying at first. Drove me bonkers. All of that repetitiveness. Until I realized that  had it not been repeated so much, I wouldn't have noticed. So I thought about it and also remembered that they didn't have a Bible to read. They didn't know about Jesus, or any of that, but they had faith in God. "By faith" and faith alone did they delve into the unknown....... Anyway, that was part of my devotional that evening. I wasn't planning on sharing but it kind of fits.

Now for something a little bit lighter.

Like how I wore my hair down on Monday for Mr. Sir. I wear it down about as often as it snows in Texas. (Or doesn't snow in a Minnesota winter.)

Then, for a picture of James making toy soup, with his drumstick. I made the shirt he is wearing about  3 years ago when I was in college.

Live and love