Sunday, June 30, 2013

What do you do?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?
Do you cry, or do you smile?
Maybe you just stay still for a little while.
Do you look at your loved ones
And dream of the day;
When you know that everything will be okay?
Do you walk in fresh air
And envision no cares?
Or is your worry in flight
as you try to sleep through the night?

And what do you do when life is confusing?
Do you sit around the house musing?
Do you make your decisions
with the utmost precision?
Or do you search and search
and realize with a lurch,
that all you can do
is stay

 Live and Love

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

End of Week One- Those Pearly Whites

So I am really bad at goals. Don't believe me? I was supposed to post this on Monday. also,  I missed a morning during the first week of oil pulling, then just decided to skip it.


Anyways, I started a daily oil pulling journal. But seeing as it is sort of boring I will just give the rundown.

I made it all of the way through the week, remembering to pull every morning before breakfast, except for Sunday. I groggily woke up, fed James, realized it was Sunday, shook Mr. Sir out of bed and dashed off to church. Completely forgot to pull until late afternoon and at that point, there was no point in doing it.

I have to say, oil pulling is definitely an acquired taste. The coconut flavor isn't so bad, its just the texture of putting it in the mouth. It is kind of slimy until it melts. Then it is like coconut water. Swish Swish.

I did get a canker sore all week, starting on Tuesday. I don't know if it was from pulling the toxins out or because we have been eating an insane amount of rhubarb this week. It lasted the full week too. T'was unfortunate.

So far, no marked improvements. My hurt cavity tooth still hurts, some other teeth hurt too but I don't know if that is from the oil pulling or the wisdom teeth trying to squeeze their way in. My wisdom teeth are hopefully getting removed next month. No improvements on my body either. I was hoping that it would reduce my excema or dry skin a bit. It has only been a week though. Maybe it takes longer, we will see.

Until next time,
Live and Love.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Driving Cap Extraordinaire

Mr. Sir has a Guinness driving cap that we both absolutely love. I love it on him and he loves to wear it. The original plan was to make a matching one for James for his christening outfit (preferably one that didn't say Guinness on it) but that didn't really happen because I was too caught up in the outfit and ran out of time. But I found this tutorial at Bouncing Buttons crafts making it simple and attempted to make it smaller for James later. Well, I didn't make it nearly small enough and it ended up being the perfect size for Mr. Sir's 10 year old brother. Worked great as a birthday gift and he loves it! I highly recommend the tutorial, it is really easy and she has a pattern that prints right off of the computer.
Live and Love

**I am not getting anything for recommending the tutorial, I just really really liked it!

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Christening Outfit for $1.50

I was intent on making James's christening outfit. I started out wanting to make him a gown and ended up making him a little suit. I went to the thrift store and found a nice white mens shirt for $1.50. I made his little pants out of the sleeves and used pieces from the front and back to make his top. The collar and button placket is from the original mens shirt.

To make the onsie top I used this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew. The tutorial made their own collar but I just shortened the original collar by cutting it in the middle of the back, sewing it together and sewing a fine zigzag over my seam to finish it off nicely.

Then to make the little knicker/bloomers I just folded a pair of his other pants in half down the crotch, cut out the fabric from each sleeve of the shirt, added leg cuffs, a waistband, and a few buttons. The button closure on the front of the pants is fake and the waistband has elastic in the back.

The tie was a gift from a neighbor. I was going to make him a little bow tie with suspenders but the little necktie was just too darn cute to not have him wear.

Not bad for a buck fifty, if I do say so myself.
Live and Love

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet the Wee One

I never actually got around to introducing my little boy to Green Socks with Polka Dots. He is now two and a half months old and getting more agile by the day. So here he is all 10 fingers and everything...
 For the sake of the big bad internet, we are going to call him James here on the blog.
 "Whaddya lookin' at?"
 This looks like an "I didn't do it!" grin.
and him in his new high chair from his Great Grandma, Great Aunt, Great Uncle and a passel of cousins.

Live and Love

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Those Pearly Whites, and Middle of the Month Goals

So, teeth. I want the nice, white, shiny teeth that everybody dreams of. In reality though, they are coffee and sugar stained yellow ones instead of pearly whites. At least I can thank genetics for straight teeth. When we got married, my husband and I got into the habit of brushing, flossing and mouth washing our teeth together before bed every night and most days if they feel icky, I brush them during the day. It got me to really enjoy going to bed with soft, smooth, and clean teeth. I enjoy it so much that now I can't fall asleep if I haven't brushed. Yet, my teeth are still not very pretty. The dentist confirmed and then filled a cavity. That same cavity has now been bothering me for 2 months since she tried fixing it. It didn't hurt at all before.

I have looked up all sorts of ideas on how to fix my teeth. Besides cutting all sugar and carb filled foods from my diet (Huh, yea right) I figured there had to be another way. I ended up looking up about oil pulling. With oil pulling you swish coconut, sunflower, or olive oil around in your mouth first thing in the morning to remove the toxins. Apparently, if you do it long enough it is really good for your teeth and whitens them and can even reverse cavities and can do all sorts of other good things for the body.

I need to have a monthly goal and yes I do realize that it is the middle of the month, but at least it is a Monday. My goal for this month will be to try oil pulling. Every day for 31 days I will attempt to oil pull with coconut oil for 20 minutes first thing in the morning. We will see if it helps at all. Some people say it does and some people say it doesn't. This will be my test. I suppose there should be pictures too. Pictures might make this whole thing more believable.

I will give an update at the end of each week of my progress. I am attempting to hold myself accountable and actually do it. It doesn't cost a whole lot to try and might save me money in teeth whitening supplies later.
Have you tried Oil Pulling? Did it work for you?