Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Driving Cap Extraordinaire

Mr. Sir has a Guinness driving cap that we both absolutely love. I love it on him and he loves to wear it. The original plan was to make a matching one for James for his christening outfit (preferably one that didn't say Guinness on it) but that didn't really happen because I was too caught up in the outfit and ran out of time. But I found this tutorial at Bouncing Buttons crafts making it simple and attempted to make it smaller for James later. Well, I didn't make it nearly small enough and it ended up being the perfect size for Mr. Sir's 10 year old brother. Worked great as a birthday gift and he loves it! I highly recommend the tutorial, it is really easy and she has a pattern that prints right off of the computer.
Live and Love

**I am not getting anything for recommending the tutorial, I just really really liked it!

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  1. He still wears it all around! happy boy!