Wednesday, June 26, 2013

End of Week One- Those Pearly Whites

So I am really bad at goals. Don't believe me? I was supposed to post this on Monday. also,  I missed a morning during the first week of oil pulling, then just decided to skip it.


Anyways, I started a daily oil pulling journal. But seeing as it is sort of boring I will just give the rundown.

I made it all of the way through the week, remembering to pull every morning before breakfast, except for Sunday. I groggily woke up, fed James, realized it was Sunday, shook Mr. Sir out of bed and dashed off to church. Completely forgot to pull until late afternoon and at that point, there was no point in doing it.

I have to say, oil pulling is definitely an acquired taste. The coconut flavor isn't so bad, its just the texture of putting it in the mouth. It is kind of slimy until it melts. Then it is like coconut water. Swish Swish.

I did get a canker sore all week, starting on Tuesday. I don't know if it was from pulling the toxins out or because we have been eating an insane amount of rhubarb this week. It lasted the full week too. T'was unfortunate.

So far, no marked improvements. My hurt cavity tooth still hurts, some other teeth hurt too but I don't know if that is from the oil pulling or the wisdom teeth trying to squeeze their way in. My wisdom teeth are hopefully getting removed next month. No improvements on my body either. I was hoping that it would reduce my excema or dry skin a bit. It has only been a week though. Maybe it takes longer, we will see.

Until next time,
Live and Love.

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