Sunday, October 28, 2012

Little Baby Hat and a New Afghan

I guess I skipped the month of September, and almost the entire month of October. I haven't really been working on much besides Christmas presents though. Those always get posted after Christmas anyways.

But there is nothing like good news to make me want to post! Mr. Sir and I are expecting a baby! It is due around April 1st. I also joined a small community sewing group. Most people in there don't know how to sew at all so it is just basic sewing projects but still a lot of fun. So I sew with them along with my County Quilt Guild.

For the last community sewing meeting the theme was baby hats. So of course I jumped right on board to make my little baby a hat. No we don't know the sex of the baby. I just chose blue because it was on hand. If we happen to have a little girl, I will either hold on to it or give it as a gift to some adorable little baby boys I know.

 Then Mr. Sir and I went to the thrift store in search of a new nice hoodie for him to wear and ran across a couple of baby afghans. This green one below is really soft, made with high quality yarn and is a decent size. We got it for 2.50. I think about how much work went into making it and love it all over again. This was our official first purchase for baby. I was gonna try staying away from green because we are finding out the sex when it is born but I couldn't pass up the softness.

Happy Halloween!
Live and Love