Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stuffin' Stuffers.

I have some microfiber inserts and wasn't using them. They should not be used directly on baby's skin because it can dry them out and cause diaper rash. I bought the microfiber inserts at first to stuff pocket diapers, but I have a strong dislike of my kawaii pockets. (I actually just sold my pockets! Yay! More money to buy new diapers that I prefer better.) So I covered the microfiber inserts in flannel to use them inside a PUL by themselves. The microfiber inserts also act as sponges. Meaning they leak under pressure, pressure like baby bums. Therefore the flannel outside the microfiber should help prevent overflows by soaking up the extra leakage.

This is just a microfiber insert covered with flannel.

I have used it a few times, works great for pee and makes quite a mess with poop unless used with a prefold to catch the poo. 

It was a great way to use the microfiber inserts and make do with what I have. They weren't being used before, and now they are!

Live and Love!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Zoo animals that criticize my Hoo-Ha

When James was born we got some zoo animal suction stickies for the bottom of the bathtub. I intended to just use them as toys, until we moved into an apartment with an extremely slick bathtub. After nearly doing the splitz a few times, and having Mr. Sir very nearly take a chunk of his skull out  I installed them into the bathtub.

Well, as I was showering one day I looked down and the first thing I encountered was this...
 I can just hear the hippo saying, "Oh, dear!" Of course, after that I see this, the jaw dropping giraffe....
and the surprised panda bear....
and then the appalled monkey...
oh, can't forget the shocked cat...
Sorry about the sideways pictures, blogspot keeps turning them.

These zoo animals are just GREAT for my self-esteem as they criticize my hoo-ha every time I shower.

Oh, well, it's a good thing their opinion doesn't matter. *wink*
Live and Love

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Folders not Stuffers.

I saw this diaper in some of my diaper tutorial perusing. It made me real intrigued. Some diapers take a long time to dry in the dryer. This diaper opens up and so it will take much less time to dry. I have not tried using it yet but I am excited to try it out. It also means that I don't have to go searching for stuffers, it is all one piece. More ease for momma? Yes, please!

I do need to resize it though, the medium is a bit big for James.

I used this pattern from Wittey Bums

Like the last one, I need to play with it some more. Snaps, elastic, so on and so forth. Make it fit and make it work.

Live and Love!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Adding Fluff to the Fluff-Butt

James is cloth diapered. He has been for approximately 7 months now. Do you want to know what that means? That means his prefolds have been washed every other day for 7 months. Which also means that his prefolds are thinning out and falling apart. No longer can we just stick a prefold on him. We need to stuff them too or they end up sopping, soakey, wet. I have been toying with the idea of sewing him fun cloth diapers for ages now. So I started by taking the most beat up prefolds and turning them into some fitteds. I am still playing around with fit and soak. But this is what I am working with.

I figure that I can practice with his beat up prefolds. Once I get the fit and soak right I will make some from scratch.

I used WitteyBums pattern and idea for the prefitteds from here.

I need to toy with snaps too. At the moment I am using a snappi to keep it shut when not in a cover, while in a cover I don't bother clasping it. I also need to toy with the elastic and stretch it more. These whole things are a big game of trial and error.

Live and Love!