Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stuffin' Stuffers.

I have some microfiber inserts and wasn't using them. They should not be used directly on baby's skin because it can dry them out and cause diaper rash. I bought the microfiber inserts at first to stuff pocket diapers, but I have a strong dislike of my kawaii pockets. (I actually just sold my pockets! Yay! More money to buy new diapers that I prefer better.) So I covered the microfiber inserts in flannel to use them inside a PUL by themselves. The microfiber inserts also act as sponges. Meaning they leak under pressure, pressure like baby bums. Therefore the flannel outside the microfiber should help prevent overflows by soaking up the extra leakage.

This is just a microfiber insert covered with flannel.

I have used it a few times, works great for pee and makes quite a mess with poop unless used with a prefold to catch the poo. 

It was a great way to use the microfiber inserts and make do with what I have. They weren't being used before, and now they are!

Live and Love!

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