Friday, September 6, 2013

An Update of Non-Crafty Proportions

Since obtaining my job working for an insurance agent, I have turned into a sponge. Soaking up as much as will fit into my brain. I love that my job now entails helping people and working with people to prepare them for the unexpected. Also, teaching them about insurance. I knew very little before I started and now I have the chance to teach people about exactly what they are paying for and customizing it to their life once they understand it.

But in all of this craziness I have done no crafting or done anything new domestically (besides the zillionth diaper load in the laundry, but daddy and James's grandma helps with that). It is okay though, because once life is settled, I will have just that much more inspiration. Also, by learning about something new, I am improving my quality of life. I am increasing my knowledge and becoming more well versed and defined. (Hah, slowly but surely) Which will also give me tons of inspiration.

Because I don't have anything new to show for this last month. Here is a picture of James going into a splash pool for the first time.