Thursday, November 21, 2013

Folders not Stuffers.

I saw this diaper in some of my diaper tutorial perusing. It made me real intrigued. Some diapers take a long time to dry in the dryer. This diaper opens up and so it will take much less time to dry. I have not tried using it yet but I am excited to try it out. It also means that I don't have to go searching for stuffers, it is all one piece. More ease for momma? Yes, please!

I do need to resize it though, the medium is a bit big for James.

I used this pattern from Wittey Bums

Like the last one, I need to play with it some more. Snaps, elastic, so on and so forth. Make it fit and make it work.

Live and Love!


  1. What did you use for the fabrics? Did you just use flannel or did you put something more absorbent in between?

  2. This one is just two layers of flannel sewn together. It makes it 6 layers around the crotch area. It works for my son but an absorbant layer either sewn into the wings or the crotch might be better for a heavy wetter. It dries real quickly because of the wings, that's my favorite part.