Thursday, July 28, 2011

Comfy cozy woolen vest.

One of our projects in class was to see our construction on at vest.
I used a gray wool on the outside and the same lining as my pants for the inside
(I actually bought the lining for the vest but had way too much 
of it so I used it for the pants)
I need to add a clasp to the front. It will be a toggle clasp, 
I need to find the perfect one first though. 
The vest works great over my white button up shirt. It was tricky because the pattern was bogus but it worked out!. 
So here it is, my comfy cozy woolen vest.


When I was in college we drafted a pair of pants and I am almost done with mine, 
 just got to put the button on the front.
I love the fabric, its black and gold and all zigzaggy. 
The fabric is kind of hard to photograph so cut me some slack. (hehe) 
They are also lined. The lining makes them kind of heavy so they will make great warm winter dress pants. So here they are... the Pants!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All I have to say is.... Iced Coffee

Ok, so during this heatwave I cannot understand how my husband can drink HOT coffee. I mean, sure it is 5:00 in the morning when he gets up for work. But even at 5:00 in the morning it is still 78 degrees. That is his deal though, and as long as he keeps making his coffee and leaving me an inch or two of it I am going to make my daily Iced Coffee.

I am going to ignore the calorie content because it is so amazingly delicious. Here is my recipe.

**** Put an inch and a half worth of leftover coffee (or instant coffee if that floats your boat) in a tall clear glass. I use a clear glass so I can watch all the pretty swirls as I add ingredients. Then I add a teaspoon and a half of sweetened condensed milk to the coffee. You can use sugar and vanilla instead if you don't feel like opening a can of sweetened condensed milk just for your coffee. Mix the s.c.milk into the coffee until well mixed. I usually do this before the ice otherwise the s.c.milk just settles to the bottom and is hard to stir through the ice. Then fill the glass full with ice, (if you are feeling shmancy, you can make coffee ice cubes to keep the flavor) and finish filling with regular milk. Stir as much as you can and then drink with pleasure. *****

Drink your fluids and keep cool in this heat. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Dad's Christmas-Father's Day-Birthday Present

Alrighty then, So before Christmas time I decided to make my dad a dress shirt. 
Not quite knowing how much work it would be and starting about oh I don't know 2 or 3 weeks before Christmas. 
Doing finals and finishing up everybody else's christmas presents. 
I kind of got sidetracked and ended up giving him the pattern, fabric, and a spool of thread telling him what I was making and assuring him that it would be done sometime soon. 
Ok, so seven months later isn't exactly 'soon' but hey I was busy and I wanted to be sure that it was perfect. 
And trust me, every bitty seam on that thing I wouldn't have any other way. 
It was made especially for my Daddy. 
And I made it red to match all of his crazy awesome ties to wear to the Quilt Conventions. 
So everybody! This is my Daddy.  
Love you Dad!
This is in my mom's booth at the quilt show that they are currently attending. You should check out her work! This link will bring you to her website. I promise, this stuff is awesome. Quilted in Clay

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sew Batik Lap Quilt

Sew this is my lapquilt. Yea yea yea, bad pun I know. This was a kit that I won at a Quilt guild christmas party a few years ago that I had never gotten around to making. 

The kit is from Sew Batik ( I have known the owners, Bruce and Diane for years and they are the sweetest people you could ever meet and have an uncanny eye for awesome batiks. I haven't put the batting or the back on this quilt yet and I don't really plan to for a while. So I just decided to post the top.
Hope you enjoy!