Monday, June 25, 2012


In a world bombarded by social media, advertising, and just media in general it is no wonder that we have a problem with people not being in shape. I know, I know. Posting this in a blog is kind of hypocritical. I am sitting in a chair on my laptop during a beautiful day like this. The good thing is, that is my problem not yours. It is also my problem to fix. 

Anyways, when you work from home like I do I have always thought that it was nice (and productive) to have music in the background. Or turn Netflix on to watch a show that I have seen countless times for some good 'background' noise (some of my favorites are Doctor Who, Firefly, and The Dresden Files). I know that I would probably (scratch that, Most Definitely) get more done if I didn't have the media on but something about the noise makes the house feel less quiet and less lonely. For some reason that makes me feel like I get more done, when I actually don't.

But do I really need this media? Would I be more creative if I worked in the silence? The next question is, would I be more creative withOUT Pinterest? Uff da that is a tough question... Pinterest is great for inspiration but I can spend hours on there just paging down the page letting my eyes glaze over at all the pretties. Would it be more beneficial for me to spend that time out in the garden, or behind my sewing machine? Would I walk more? Would I be so bored that I want to exercise? Would the house be cleaner? If it took me half the time to get a project done if I didn't have my 'background noise' what would I do with my spare time. 

I have decided to set myself a goal for this next week. Today is Monday the day of all days to start goals. (Really, what other day makes sense?) Starting today, right now I am going to try to limit my social media (as soon as I post this blog). This includes Facebook, my blog, Spotify, Pandora, Pinterest and Netflix. I will allow the radio when I am doing cleaning and other such menial tasks and my cell phone to make calls and texting is allowed. Another thing allowed is research, for example if I want to look up a recipe or whether or not vinegar will kill my plants I can look it up, but must keep it quick and no 'drifting' to other sites. But for the majority of the day, lets say until 8 in the evening that gives me 2 hours before I go to bed if I want to use it. I will not use my laptop at all. In fact, I think I will turn it off and stash it away. I want to see what it does to me. Will I spend more time outside? Will the silence be lonely, or welcome? We will see. I will update again next Monday with my conclusion. For now, Live and Love.

Friday, June 22, 2012

My View on the Wonder Called a Mason Jar.

So I have decided that mason jars are possibly the most versatile glass invention ever made.
Mr. Sir and I went for a picnic today and I couldn't find any water bottles that I could fit ice into, so wha-lah, ice in a mason jar to pour warm iced tea into later. It closed nice and tight so as not to spill any liquified water and the only problem was the sweating, which you get in most containers. My mason jar-turned ice container got me to thinking about all the uses for mason jars.

- My grandmother in law uses the smaller jars as everyday drinking glasses. Works well for her, and I love the ambiance.

-I have seen people carry one in their bags to use and fill when they get to a drinking fountain instead of a plastic water bottle.

- Vases, I used them at my wedding reception as centerpieces with ribbon and flowers tied around them.

- I even have a candle melted into a chipped jar that can't be used for canning anymore.

- Using them in place of tupperware. It is perfect to carry dry cereal to put milk in later. Or salads keep well in jars, or transporting yogurt. Putting oatmeal to add a dash of water at work and microwaving... Just use your imagination.

- There is even now a top for them so that you can use them as a coffee cup called a Cuppow!

- I use them in the cupboard to store dry foods like beans and cake mix.

 - I have seen on Pinterest and other places. People have welded mason jars to goblet bottoms to create a mason jar goblet.

- Last but not least you cannot forget using them as good old preserving methods for jams, jellies, beans, tomatoes, soups, and other such preserved foods.

What a versatile invention. Don't you agree.
Live and Love

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Proverbs on leaves.

I finished the painting that I started yesterday, I was itching to go all crazy kinda like my spirals painting. But I knew that I wanted to hang this one in the bathroom so simplicity is better. So I went outside and picked the first 3 leaves that I saw, they aren't perfect. That is the best part, you can tell that they are leaves but they aren't perfect. I wanted to hang something in the bathroom that had a daily reminder on it. So I paged through proverbs and picked this one. Can't wait to put it up once it dries.
Live and Love

Monday, June 18, 2012

Painting Spirals

One day a couple of months ago I got into a painting mood. It was one of those days where all I wanted was to sit down and mix colors. It was a blast! I also needed something to spruce up the walls in my sewing room. I think that this spiral collage does the trick. The print and random pages are ripped/cut out of my Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

I am painting again today. Right now I  am waiting for the background to dry, I love this color. It is kind of a sage green. It is going to hang in the bathroom and brighten it up a bit. Not quite sure what I am going to put onto the green canvas but that is the glory of art, it doesn't matter as long as what you feel gets down onto the canvas/paper/fabric/or whatever you are doing then your job is done.
Live and Love

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Strawberry Jam Delight!

I am in Rochester MN for a Quilt Show at the moment but these strawberries look too yummy not to post.

Last week I went strawberry picking. It was a first time for this girl. Tons of fun too. I didn't even get 1/4 way down the row of strawberries and I had already picked 20 pounds. I am also pretty sure that I ate 3 pounds while picking and had a tummy-ache for the rest of the day. (I went picking at 9 am before it got hot so I had a looong tummy ache).

Mr. Sir and I decided to make strawberry jam out of some of them.


and I froze the rest to combine with other fruits later for jam. Oh and smoothies!

 I took the healthiest looking stems and dehydrated them in the oven at 170 for about 7 hours. They were still damp though and so I upped it to 200 and 2 hours later they were fine. Next time I am going to just start at 200 and shorten the baking time. Oh I should mention that the stems are dehydrated for a strawberry tea infusion. We go through a lot of tea and have decided to start making our own infusions when possible. *Live and Love*
The little bit that we scraped out of the pan when done.


Monday, June 11, 2012

One year together......

One year ago I got married to my husband. He is such an amazing guy. I love you dear!

I am actually on my way to a quilt convention today so we celebrated last Saturday. He made me lamb, with a couscous pilaf, and red wine. We had the top tier of our wedding cake that was frozen for the past year for dessert.

We shared the missing slice for Dessert.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sew Batik Rayon Top

I had fabric left over after making my 'Goin' to convention dress' so I made a 'Goin' to convention top' for those quilt show days when I just want to wear a pair of khakis instead of dolling up in my dress. I drafted it myself and had to do some interesting altering after I put it on me. I tried making it out of muslin first before using my good fabric. But me, not thinking, forgot that the muslin doesn't drape the same and almost cried when I put it on because it looked so bad (btw, muslin does NOT make a very good cowl neckline). I figured it out though, and I would have to say it isn't too bad. It is very comfortable too. The fabric is designed by Sew Batik and it is a comfy flowy rayon.

What do you think?
Live and Love

 This is without the belt for the dress.

But I think that I like it better with the belt!

A work in progress.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little Gentleman

You get two posts from me today! I am in a posting mood. Also, I found the pictures of this while I was posting The Tube Top Tee and remembered that I had forgotten to post it after I gifted it.

A few months ago my cousin had a very handsome little baby boy. So I gave him what all handsome little boys should have. Semi-formal baby wear! I got the idea from Crafting 'till Midnight her blog is super cute. Instead of using the dryer sheet on the back though, I used wonder-under and ironed the bow tie on the onsie and then edge stitched the edging, that way you don't have to worry about the dryer sheet coming off on baby.
Live and Love

The Tube Top Type Tee

I know the title of this post is kinda corny and weird but hey, so am I. Anyways this is some of my experimenting. I am not the biggest fan of how it turned out. A little too baggy I think, but that's no problem. That is easily fixable, as long as it isn't too small.

I grew up in 4-H going to the Minnesota state fair year after year. So did my husband. Every year they distribute Fleet Farm T-shirts. If you lived at the state fair for almost a month like we did, we got 4 t-shirts a year. That adds up to a lot of t-shirts. Together we probably had more than 30 at one point. Over time though our favorites have gotten worn thin and turned into rags, or handed down to people, OR made into other types of this.

This is my attempt at making a tube top out of my Fleet Farm T-shirt. They are made out of a heavier knit so it is a little bulky. Still working on the details. This is what I have so far though. I might add a layer of white across the bottom as a ruffle to give it length, and maybe define the waist so that I don't have to wear a belt. We will see though. For now, it is fine.
Live and Love

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Kittycats

These are my kittycats. Luna I have posted about before. We adopted her a year and a half ago, she has gone from being anorexic, to obese and now is on a strict diet and is a normal sized cat again.

A couple of months ago, Mr. Sir's good friend randomly showed up with Magius, the fluffy orange and white kitty. I was mad at first. Until I fell in love. Magius (a.k.a Gius) is such a sweetheart and is a super cuddly lovey kitty cat. The tufts of white/orange hair all over the house do get irritating. But he makes up for it when he starts cuddling or looks at me with those huge eyes.

                                  Live and Love