Friday, June 22, 2012

My View on the Wonder Called a Mason Jar.

So I have decided that mason jars are possibly the most versatile glass invention ever made.
Mr. Sir and I went for a picnic today and I couldn't find any water bottles that I could fit ice into, so wha-lah, ice in a mason jar to pour warm iced tea into later. It closed nice and tight so as not to spill any liquified water and the only problem was the sweating, which you get in most containers. My mason jar-turned ice container got me to thinking about all the uses for mason jars.

- My grandmother in law uses the smaller jars as everyday drinking glasses. Works well for her, and I love the ambiance.

-I have seen people carry one in their bags to use and fill when they get to a drinking fountain instead of a plastic water bottle.

- Vases, I used them at my wedding reception as centerpieces with ribbon and flowers tied around them.

- I even have a candle melted into a chipped jar that can't be used for canning anymore.

- Using them in place of tupperware. It is perfect to carry dry cereal to put milk in later. Or salads keep well in jars, or transporting yogurt. Putting oatmeal to add a dash of water at work and microwaving... Just use your imagination.

- There is even now a top for them so that you can use them as a coffee cup called a Cuppow!

- I use them in the cupboard to store dry foods like beans and cake mix.

 - I have seen on Pinterest and other places. People have welded mason jars to goblet bottoms to create a mason jar goblet.

- Last but not least you cannot forget using them as good old preserving methods for jams, jellies, beans, tomatoes, soups, and other such preserved foods.

What a versatile invention. Don't you agree.
Live and Love

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