Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Tube Top Type Tee

I know the title of this post is kinda corny and weird but hey, so am I. Anyways this is some of my experimenting. I am not the biggest fan of how it turned out. A little too baggy I think, but that's no problem. That is easily fixable, as long as it isn't too small.

I grew up in 4-H going to the Minnesota state fair year after year. So did my husband. Every year they distribute Fleet Farm T-shirts. If you lived at the state fair for almost a month like we did, we got 4 t-shirts a year. That adds up to a lot of t-shirts. Together we probably had more than 30 at one point. Over time though our favorites have gotten worn thin and turned into rags, or handed down to people, OR made into other types of this.

This is my attempt at making a tube top out of my Fleet Farm T-shirt. They are made out of a heavier knit so it is a little bulky. Still working on the details. This is what I have so far though. I might add a layer of white across the bottom as a ruffle to give it length, and maybe define the waist so that I don't have to wear a belt. We will see though. For now, it is fine.
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