Monday, June 25, 2012


In a world bombarded by social media, advertising, and just media in general it is no wonder that we have a problem with people not being in shape. I know, I know. Posting this in a blog is kind of hypocritical. I am sitting in a chair on my laptop during a beautiful day like this. The good thing is, that is my problem not yours. It is also my problem to fix. 

Anyways, when you work from home like I do I have always thought that it was nice (and productive) to have music in the background. Or turn Netflix on to watch a show that I have seen countless times for some good 'background' noise (some of my favorites are Doctor Who, Firefly, and The Dresden Files). I know that I would probably (scratch that, Most Definitely) get more done if I didn't have the media on but something about the noise makes the house feel less quiet and less lonely. For some reason that makes me feel like I get more done, when I actually don't.

But do I really need this media? Would I be more creative if I worked in the silence? The next question is, would I be more creative withOUT Pinterest? Uff da that is a tough question... Pinterest is great for inspiration but I can spend hours on there just paging down the page letting my eyes glaze over at all the pretties. Would it be more beneficial for me to spend that time out in the garden, or behind my sewing machine? Would I walk more? Would I be so bored that I want to exercise? Would the house be cleaner? If it took me half the time to get a project done if I didn't have my 'background noise' what would I do with my spare time. 

I have decided to set myself a goal for this next week. Today is Monday the day of all days to start goals. (Really, what other day makes sense?) Starting today, right now I am going to try to limit my social media (as soon as I post this blog). This includes Facebook, my blog, Spotify, Pandora, Pinterest and Netflix. I will allow the radio when I am doing cleaning and other such menial tasks and my cell phone to make calls and texting is allowed. Another thing allowed is research, for example if I want to look up a recipe or whether or not vinegar will kill my plants I can look it up, but must keep it quick and no 'drifting' to other sites. But for the majority of the day, lets say until 8 in the evening that gives me 2 hours before I go to bed if I want to use it. I will not use my laptop at all. In fact, I think I will turn it off and stash it away. I want to see what it does to me. Will I spend more time outside? Will the silence be lonely, or welcome? We will see. I will update again next Monday with my conclusion. For now, Live and Love.

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