Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cloth Diaper Stash

It includes 12 pocket diapers, 36 microfiber inserts, 6 generic PUL 8-20 lb covers, 3 thirsties 6-18 lb covers, 3 econobum size 2 covers, 3 acrylic knit covers, 24 prefold inserts, 44 homeade flannel wipes, and 12 homeade nursing pads.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Knitting Dipes

You have probably been curious as to what I have been doing with all of my pregnant spare time lately. Do you wanna know??

I have been practicing my knitting.

Yup, knitting. Sitting watching entire seasons of TV show's and movies (the latest has been all 7 seasons of Monk) with the click clack of needles.

I have been knitting diaper 'soakers'. Technically soakers are made out of wool. They work as cloth diaper covers instead of PUL or vinyl pants. Lanolized wool has a self cleaning property meaning that you only have to handwash them about once a month unless they are poopy. They also breathe better for those babies that are prone to diaper rash. Not to mention they are completely adorable!

I knit my first three soakers out of acrylic because I wanted to practice and get the patterns down before I splurged on wool. The acrylic soakers won't last as long because I will end up washing them more, about as much as the PUL covers. The nice thing about acrylic soakers is that they don't need hand washing.

For the first yellow one I used the Super Soaker pattern found here

Then for the purple and yellow ones I used the Plain Wrap pattern found here

Super Soaker
Purple Plain Wrap

Yellow Plain Wrap
Open Yellow Plain Wrap

I just bought some plain Peruvian Highland Wool and dyed it with Kool-Aid using this crockpot method ( I can't wait to knit it into something. Right now I am either considering a kicking bag (only if I have enough yarn) or another diaper cover. Can't decide but I will sure post it when done. Now I need to go decide which one to start!
Forgive the sloppy wound ball of yarn, it is my first time winding a ball.

Live and Love

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cloth Baby Wipes

Mr. Sir and I decided to cloth diaper the wee one when it comes along. (less than 6 weeks now!) and it makes sense to use cloth wipes along with the cloth diapers. We will be doing the laundry anyways, so why not add a little more to the load.

I had an old stained white sheet laying around that had really soft, comfortable flannel. I cut the pieces into 14 x 7 pieces and then folded them in half.

 Then I traced around the corners to make it easier to serge. That way they were all the same. After that, it was time to serge, serge, serge.

 I serged around the corners (ignore the stray thread that I forgot to nab before I took the picture). The edges I didn't tidy as much as I could have, I figured they will be wiping poo, they don't need to be pretty.

I got about 44-7x7 cloth wipes out of the sheet and 5-3x7 wipes out of the extra fabric. I know that we will need way more than that, but it will make a good supplement to the disposable wipes that we will use also.

I plan on mixing a water/coconut oil/ tea tree oil solution and keeping the wipes in a wipes warmer to make it easy to use.

Live and Love!