Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cloth Baby Wipes

Mr. Sir and I decided to cloth diaper the wee one when it comes along. (less than 6 weeks now!) and it makes sense to use cloth wipes along with the cloth diapers. We will be doing the laundry anyways, so why not add a little more to the load.

I had an old stained white sheet laying around that had really soft, comfortable flannel. I cut the pieces into 14 x 7 pieces and then folded them in half.

 Then I traced around the corners to make it easier to serge. That way they were all the same. After that, it was time to serge, serge, serge.

 I serged around the corners (ignore the stray thread that I forgot to nab before I took the picture). The edges I didn't tidy as much as I could have, I figured they will be wiping poo, they don't need to be pretty.

I got about 44-7x7 cloth wipes out of the sheet and 5-3x7 wipes out of the extra fabric. I know that we will need way more than that, but it will make a good supplement to the disposable wipes that we will use also.

I plan on mixing a water/coconut oil/ tea tree oil solution and keeping the wipes in a wipes warmer to make it easy to use.

Live and Love!


  1. sweet have you tried washing yours yet?i made some square ones a while ago and the surging when all wonky when i washed em. was wondering your results with the rounded ones :)

  2. I made some square ones a while back with flannel on one side and old t-shirts on the other. The absorbancy sucks on those, but work as great cleaning rags. They wash fine, but I don't know if that is because they are heavier or because I squared the corners instead of rounding. I will update you after I try washing these.

  3. So I re-washed the flannel wipes, they washed just fine. I did prewash them so maybe yours shrunk a little which would make the serging wonky. I washed them on warm with a gentle dry.