Friday, January 11, 2013

Knit as a Cube

I have been working on a project for a while now. Since I found out I was pregnant to be precise. It started as something else but like all good projects, it evolved.

At the time I needed some simple knitting to work on, something that I could do a row or two and just stuff in my bag. So I started knitting 10x10 blocks. Just random patterns, or no pattern at all. I just needed something to keep my hands busy. As I worked, I decided to turn it into a toy for my baby.

It turned into this; a squishy, pillow, cube toy. Yes, it is a little misshapen, but that is okay, makes it fun to throw at misbehaving husbands.
Live and Love!

Knit 6 -10x10 blocks, and then sew together in a cube.
Before sewing the last side together, keep 2 inches open to stuff it with and then close.
Easy peasy.

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