Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bubbles!?! My Bubbles!!!

Mr. Sir told me that when he was growing up, every Christmas he would go to his grandparents house and his grandpa would always be sure to light up the bubble lights on top of the shelf. They were always a hit with the kids. His dad was sure to have bubble lights too, they have a special place in the window of the house for all to enjoy.

Well this year Mr. Sir's older brother thought of a brilliant idea for a gift for us for Christmas. Our own bubble lights! The log that they are sitting on was taken from the windbreak of Mr. Sir's childhood home so no matter where we are, we always have a piece of home with us for the holidays. His brother cleaned it up and hollowed out the bottom for the cord.

 We put it up on top of our kitchen cupboards and they create a really cool pattern on the wall. It brings a lot of warmth to the kitchen in the ambiance and in our hearts.

Live and Love

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