Monday, January 6, 2014

Middle of the Month Goal: Meal Planning Monday's

I haven't made a middle of the month goal in a while. Since it is now January 6th and not the 1st. I will declare this a middle of the month goal. Note that it is not a 'New Years Resolution' I don't believe in resolutions. Mostly because mine never last past the middle of January and they are always too big. So I will do this as a middle of the month goal.

I need to be better about meals for Mr. Sir and I. I always say that I need to meal plan. I even downloaded Pepperplate onto my Kindle (a super amazing app I might add). I just never seem to meal plan well. So I am going to hold myself to posting my meal plan once a week.

The main idea of meal planning for me is to use the food we have in our pantry wisely. To keep the grocery budget down, and to not waste food after it is cooked.

Meal Planning Monday for Week 2: 2014

Breakfasts are usually cereal or toast, sometimes oatmeal or cream of wheat, depends on the morning and the temperature in the apartment.

Mr. Sir's lunches always contain a bowl of oatmeal with various flavorings, a pint of milk, a 4 oz. container of yogurt, one form of fruit and the previous nights leftovers. This provides a late breakfast, snack and his lunch for a 10 hour workday. My lunches are always leftovers.

James eats breast milk, formula, baby food purees and little bits of what we eat. He is the easy one.

Monday: French toast, using stale homemade bread. And stale leftover chocolate scone crumbles. With blueberry yogurt.
Tuesday: Broiled chicken with cauliflower on a couscous bed.
Wednesday:Yellow split pea soup Freezing the leftovers for quick meals later
Thursday: Taking a trip to my sister's house.
Friday: Still at my sisters.
Saturday: Bake bread for the week, so probably grilled cheese and tomato soup (out of home canned stewed tomatoes)
Sunday: Mr. Sir cooks whatever he feels like. Unless I get the urge to bake, I avoid planning my Sunday's.

I did not go grocery shopping this past week.

I need to bring up that our meat comes from Mr. Sir. He owns some beef cattle and rents out pasture land from his father (we make deals here and there for payment of pasture rent) We get 1/4 of a beef at a time to store in our chest freezer once a year.. So beef will not be added to my final monthly grocery stipend. I might take what we eat and add it into what beef is selling for in the grocery store at the moment.

I also need to account for WIC. Yes, I receive WIC at the moment. I have to say, it is a genius program. I will do whatever it takes to create a healthy little boy. So I will account for the WIC food and put it separately on the meal overview.

Oh and if you have a better, catchy name for "Meal Planning Monday's" Leave a comment. I need ideas.

Live and Love


  1. Instead of meal planning I go through the freezer, pantry, and recipes and create a list of 10 meals that we want to eat. Then I make sure I have all the ingredients for them. I keep the list on the fridge and when it comes time to think about tonights supper we pick the one that looks the tastiest that day. I would keep the lists and refer to them when creating the new one. That planning was the best I have ever tried. I think it even lasted a whole 2-3 weeks before I forgot to do it :)

  2. I like to do that inside my meal planning, I look through the pantry first while planning what I want to make. My biggest issue is not eating the leftovers in the fridge. So hopefully this helps me eat them up so they don't go to waste.