Thursday, January 2, 2014

Viking Fluff

James' big gift this christmas was a diaper. 

Yes, a diaper.

Well, technically its a diaper cover.
Close enough.

A super - crazy- cool diaper cover, of course!

James sure likes it, and its big enough for him to wear for a while.

Mr. Sir loved the diaper too. It is too bad that the Viking's season is over. The bright side is that we live in Minnesota where Viking's apparel is always in style.

My only issue is that I should have softened up the fabric first. I know it will soften with use but it is a little stiff to start.

Go Vikings!

I used the basic pattern from WitteyBums, Flip-Style and Elemental-Style Diaper and switched it up to suit my diaper.

Live and Love

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