About Me

I am just a young woman who lives with my husband Mr.Sir and my baby boy James in an itty bitty little 400 person town in Minnesota.  In a cozy, well loved, old apartment. I love to sew. I love to cook. I like to find ways to save around the house and every couple of weeks you will find me refilling my homemade chocolate syrup container. Have I mentioned that I am a chocoholic? 

 I love scouring new recipes and different ways to make my own cleaning supplies. I love homesteading type things, but in a new modern sort of way (meaning I love my freezer!)

Color is my best friend, I like to match things and make them look good but especially if there is a lot of fun colors to cheer a sour mood.

I went to school to learn how to sew clothing. I like to design and make new clothes. Really, I have no idea what I actually like when it comes to fashion. All I know that I like to make clothes that give personality. It is a work in progress.

 I also love to quilt. I grew up attending quilt conventions with Quilted in Clay. I learned a ton and love how people can turn bits of fabric into a piece of art. Oh, I should mention. I am in favor of useful art. I like it if it can be used, because nobody likes boxing up pretty things because they are useless.

Hope you enjoy! 
Live and Love

Picture Credit goes to Britta the Photographer

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