Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Photo A Day, 365: Days 30-42

 Coupled with a week of being quite busy and not liking the time which it takes to post a picture from my phone and also the next week of Mr. Sir being home (!!) I got about 13 days behind in my photo a day, I DID remember to take the pictures, just not post them. I do have pictures of Mr. Sir too but most of those ended up on his phone, which I don't have. Darn. So, I just have to use my pictures instead. So, this is me catching up from my crazy weeks. Also, if you can't tell.  James is usually the focal point of my day.
Day 30, at his great grandparents grave.

Day 31, My parent's lab.

Day 32, Apples at grandpa's house are the best!

Day 33, swinging selfie.
Day 34, kicking back at home with his toy's
Day 35, best way to cheer up James on a grumpy day

Day 36, Oh, the beauty of fall.

Day 37, Daddy's home! Gonna paint him a picture.

Day 38, On the tractor with his uncle.

Day 39, Daddy makes the best oatmeal.

Day 40, His new hat.
Day 41, Daddy is gone now, but Auntie was here for the night.
Day 42, My little trouble maker.

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