Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Twin Twin Gifts Gifts

I have two of the most adorable twin nephews ever.
We will call them Tim and Tom for the sake of Green Socks with Polka dots.

Two adorable nephews need semi-matching pajamas, right? Earlier this year I made them each 3 pair of pajama pants that I hoped that they could grow into. Well, the way those two wear (other fitting words might be 'play in', 'destroy', and 'grow into') their pajamas they needed to have another pair each 'on dock' to move into. So here are the finished products.

 Two playful boys also need playful pillowcases. Tim is in love with Mickey, and Tom likes robots. So this Auntie had fun playing around with pillowcase ideas and came up with these.

The mickey was a panel on a little pillow that I reused. Also, the robot I just made using leftover fabric from the pajamas that I made earlier this year and some wonder-under, zig zagging on the edges so they stay down.

I might add that the inventor of wonder-under is a genius.
Live and Love

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