Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The joy of giving, for the kitchen.

 Christmas came and Christmas went. 
Hallelujah the Son of God is born!

This is a place to post things that I make, I feel a little weird posting the Christmas gifts that I made because I made them for the people and not to post. But yet I made them so here you go.  

This is a 5 bean soup mix that I made. I used this recipe from Back To Her Roots. According to my sister who has already made a batch, the spice packet was absolutely delicious! It sure smelled good when I was mixing it up so I knew it was going to be yummy. (By the way, I love making bean soups which is why I gifted them.)

These are microwave bowl pot holders. I don't have the original post that I got the pattern from. My mom posted it on Facebook a while before Christmas (and yes I have searched Facebook). She not-so-subtlety hinted that she would like a couple for Christmas. I was okay with that. I like easy Christmas gifts. (My sisters and I also gave her and my dad tickets to the Phantom of the Opera and they had a blast!)

These I made on my own. I probably should have made a tutorial for them. Ah well, I need a few more so when I make them next I will take pictures and write up a tutorial. They are waterproof, (using leftover PUL from James's diapers) reusable, zippy bags. I gave a few for Christmas because I love them. Great snacks like apples, celery, and carrots.

I may have kept some of these for myself too, both the bowl cozies and the zippy bags. Right now the zippy bags are my favorite. Great for packing Mr. Sir's lunches for work!

Live and Love

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