Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cloth Diaper Stash

It includes 12 pocket diapers, 36 microfiber inserts, 6 generic PUL 8-20 lb covers, 3 thirsties 6-18 lb covers, 3 econobum size 2 covers, 3 acrylic knit covers, 24 prefold inserts, 44 homeade flannel wipes, and 12 homeade nursing pads.


  1. So did you make all of these? My niece just had twin girls and I was wanting to try to make some cloth diapers for her. Any advice? I would love to hear some from someone who uses them! Thanks Christy

  2. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Actually, this was his original stash that I bought. The only ones I made here are the knit ones which are decorative. Since then I have sold all of the pocket diapers, My son was too skinny for them and we had tons of leakage.

    I have been making my own just lately. Experimenting with different styles to find my favorite. I am still a big big fan of just prefolds with covers. I am still using the prefolds from the picture and have been making my own covers. Like this one

    Any other questions?

  3. THank YOu! I have been attempting to sew some! I don't know what I'm doing but each one is getting better!

  4. Same here! No idea what I am doing, but practice makes perfect. His original stash is wearing out too. I love that I can make them super cute and thrifty.