Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sew Batik Rayon Top

I had fabric left over after making my 'Goin' to convention dress' so I made a 'Goin' to convention top' for those quilt show days when I just want to wear a pair of khakis instead of dolling up in my dress. I drafted it myself and had to do some interesting altering after I put it on me. I tried making it out of muslin first before using my good fabric. But me, not thinking, forgot that the muslin doesn't drape the same and almost cried when I put it on because it looked so bad (btw, muslin does NOT make a very good cowl neckline). I figured it out though, and I would have to say it isn't too bad. It is very comfortable too. The fabric is designed by Sew Batik and it is a comfy flowy rayon.

What do you think?
Live and Love

 This is without the belt for the dress.

But I think that I like it better with the belt!

A work in progress.

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