Tuesday, December 3, 2013

P-P-P-Pie Day.

My sister had this brilliant idea of doing a pie day after Thanksgiving this year. Because really, we always have a ton of leftovers and it usually ends up being turkey sandwiches. After many years of turkey sandwiches; it was time for a change. A pie change. Instead of going out and buying crusts I decided to make ours in advance so I came equipped with 5 wheat pie crusts (lesson learned: next time don't play with the pie crust recipe and just make them white crusts instead of getting fancy and adding wheat flour, they baked a little tough)

So our Post-Thanksgiving menu consisted of
- Leftover Turkey Pot Pie with veggies and leftover brussel sprouts.
- 2 Apple Pies
- Leftover Pumpkin pie
- and an absolutely delicious Pecan Pie

Pot Pies
I made the pot pie, my sister made the apple pies (with both fresh granny smith apples and some frozen apples that I prepared earlier this fall), and our mother made the pecan pie.

Apple, Pecan, and Pot Pies
The pecan pie was wonderful, it was made with dates and date sugar with only a little bit of brown sugar used. It was so sweet you could only eat 1/2 a slice with a cup of coffee. It was wonderful (in my opinion, because I like sweets).It also had an almond flour crust. Nice and nutty with the pecans.

Apple Pies

My sister also brought some Apple Mead. Oh. My. Word. Chilled Apple Mead = Complete Bliss.
Apple Pie

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Live and Love

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