Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby stuff you just hate to throw away.

I found out about this website.


                             It is excellent.

You know that stash of baby stuff that is just sitting in storage. Those expired car seats, old strollers and etc. This company will recycle them for you. They accept
- Strollers
- Car Seats
- Swings
- Jumpers
- High Chairs
- Diaper Bags
No needing to track down  someplace that will take them. You just pay shipping, send it off, and they give you a 5$ coupon to their store. Sounds good to me! James's car seat expires next December 2014. I have been dreading that time, because I have to throw it away instead of keeping it for future children. (My sister used it before me for my niece, so it has been used quite a bit!) The reason I cringe is because this car seat still looks like new. A sticker has fallen off, but other than that it looks perfect even though it is going on the second child.

I urge you to check it out and keep these large items out of our landfills to be repurposed or find new homes.

Here is James chilling in his car seat earlier this summer. I believe he was 3 months old. 

Live and Love

*I am in no way affiliated with I just find their mission to be excellent.*

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