Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Worry, Hebrews, and toy soup.

Monday marked t-minus two weeks until Mr.Sir leaves for Air Force basic training. He will be gone until sometime this fall. Am I nervous? Very. Will I miss him? Of course. Can I handle it? Yes.

We were on a date on Monday and walked through Barnes and Noble. I came across a tacky little plaque that read, "Worry is like a rocking chair. You can go back and forth and back and forth but it will get you nowhere." I kind of like it. It's true. I can sit and worry about what will happen while he is gone. Then I can worry about visiting him. I can worry about where we will end up. I can worry about a lot of things but it will get me nowhere. 

I was reading somewhere in Hebrews 11 in the Bible the other night. I don't have an exact verse on me at the moment. But it talked about all the Old Testament folks like Abraham and Noah and so forth. How they listened and trusted God. Leaving all they knew because God told them to. Most of the sentences started with "By faith..." It was annoying at first. Drove me bonkers. All of that repetitiveness. Until I realized that  had it not been repeated so much, I wouldn't have noticed. So I thought about it and also remembered that they didn't have a Bible to read. They didn't know about Jesus, or any of that, but they had faith in God. "By faith" and faith alone did they delve into the unknown....... Anyway, that was part of my devotional that evening. I wasn't planning on sharing but it kind of fits.

Now for something a little bit lighter.

Like how I wore my hair down on Monday for Mr. Sir. I wear it down about as often as it snows in Texas. (Or doesn't snow in a Minnesota winter.)

Then, for a picture of James making toy soup, with his drumstick. I made the shirt he is wearing about  3 years ago when I was in college.

Live and love

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