Monday, April 14, 2014

Pictures of the Recently Enjoyed Springtime

Spring is here. Even in Minnesota we can finally say that it is springtime. When the 'official' spring rolled around on March 20th, I could just see Minnesotan's rolling their eyes and saying "Yeah, right." If I recall, I am pretty sure it snowed that day. Or sometime near that day.

Now though, now it is spring. Last week I think it almost got up to 70 degree's. Today it was cold, below freezing , I think it was around 30 degrees. Hey, it's Minnesota though, we are scheduled to get back up to 73 by next Monday. Such is the life.

Enough about the weather though. Now for some cute toddler pictures. I know I post about James a lot, but hey, where else am I supposed to show off this adorable face?

 I came home from work one morning, after working an overnight shift. This is what I saw when I entered the bedroom. It melted my heart. 

 Enjoying the springtime with Grandma.

 And with cool uncles, who let James get close to the puddles.

(Just look at those adorable cowboy boots.....)

Mr. Sir, James and I went on a date to the city. Going for walks along the Mississippi wear a little guy out. He fell asleep on daddy's lap at the restaurant. Slept there for a good 15 minutes. 

"Daddy, look! A book about airplanes!"

Live and Love


  1. Love all the pictures of your little guy!