Friday, April 30, 2010

Top 20 things that I < 3

1) Cuddling up with a movie, a hot drink, and my boy.
2) Thunder

3) When you are flipping through channels on the TV and you find your favorite movie.
4) When spring comes and there are trees that are absolutely covered in flowers.

a) And other little miracles like that, that God creates.
5) Hanging out and laughing with friends.
6) Seeing a finished project and remembering all of the hard work put into it.
7) Getting more than 8 hours of sleep but less than 11 in a warm, soft, comfy bed.

8) Freshly squeezed Apple Cider in the fall.

9) Long walks in the country.

10) Doing well on something that you worked hard for.

11) Chocolate

12) Looking through old pictures and remembering the good times.
13) Tying a new pair of sneakers nice'n tight and going for a jog or walk.

14) Making music to relax.

15) Knowing that in the end, all that will matter is that you enjoyed your life and lived it to your fullest.
16) Reading books for fun.

17) Getting a new notebook and brand new markers, colored pencils, or crayons to fill it up with.

18) Finding that perfect accessory that goes with any outfit, whether or not you get ready for the day or just roll out of bed. a.k.a - headbands, scarves, hats....etc.
19) Monday mornings. It is the only day of the week where you can wake up in the morning and think "This is going to be a great week!" and then I spend time getting ready and looking great before I leave the room.
20) That occasional moment when the world seems to be absolutely perfect and things may be wrong but you know that can get through them.

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