Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Gifts

So I made a few Christmas gifts this year. If only I had remembered to take a picture of each of them... I made all of my sisters tie blankets. I am sure you can just imagine those, I don't need a picture for a blanket that pretty much anyone in todays culture knows how to make, or can figure out.

I made my mom a pair of pajama pants, that look similar to the ones in the post above. Except hers are brown, tan, and green paisley.

I am late on 2 gifts though, I am making my dad a dress shirt and my FI a pair of slippers. The slippers are causing the most trouble because I don't have a pattern and I am just eyeballing them, But I will be sure to take a picture of them and post it when I am finished.

Oh and also! My FI got me a serger for christmas (and that will be my gift for about the next 5 years) so here is to the start of many serger projects *clink of glasses*. My sister got me this awesome ironing board with drawers in it, So I don't have to iron my stuff on a towel on the floor (and miss the towel and melt the carpet) this new board will make it much more convenient.

I don't have any project pictures but I also adopted a new cat from the Humane Society. World- Meet Lunar! We named her Lunar because looking at her sideways she looks like a Lunar Eclipse. Otherwise known to me and my FI as Luna!

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