Thursday, May 31, 2012

Veggies, Flowers and a learning curve.

In February Mr. Sir and I moved into a little house, when we were looking for houses one requirement was that it had to have a big back yard so that we could garden. Now anybody who knows me well knows that I have a black thumb, I can't grow anything. If I manage to grow something well, I kill it off accidentally. Well Mr. Sir is slowly training me how to take care of plants. It is one big learning curve for a black thumb such as myself.

One reason we decided to have a big garden is to save money. Eating healthy is not always the easiest when it comes to budgeting and being a really frugal person like myself. Also, I hope that I am doing my part by not making my food travel thousands of miles to get to my table.

(Above) This WAS a tomato plant before the bugs decided to have supper. We started 30 plants from seed. Only 7 survived the bugs and now only 3 have leaves. Thank goodness for an amazing mother-in-law who provided us with some more tomato seedlings to plant out when the garden gets less muddy.  (Right) And these are our beautiful peas that are just thriving. Mnmm snap peas.

These are beans. They are thriving as much as the peas and make our tomato-less, lettuce-less, carrot-less garden look less sad.
 This is our potato/onion garden. We have five rows of potatoes and 2 of onions. Gonna be making lots of frozen hashbrowns and french fries.
 Of course I can't put pictures of the garden up without taking a picture of Mr. Sir's lilys. They are just getting ready to bloom.

This is my attempt at growing herbs. Mr.Sir gave me my own herb garden. All I have growing in there right now are flowers and some garlic chives. This is some basil that I have growing in a pot. (Below) And these are our first blooms of the year. Some lily's that the previous owners left us. Yay flowers!

Live and Love

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