Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BMT Graduation

Well, here is just a little update of what is going on in my newly minted military life. 

Mr. Sir graduated from basic military training a couple of weeks ago. James, my in-laws, my brother-in-law and I all went to Texas to see him.

It was awesome.

Watching Mr. Sir all proud and confident marching with all of the other airmen was really inspiring. They all just spent 8.5 weeks learning all about being airmen and this was their chance to show their friends and family. Seeing them walk in unison, salute, and recite the Airman's Creed was really neat.

We watched the Airman's Run where they run down a stretch surrounded by friends and family singing jodies (fun songs to inspire their running and keep them going). Then it was the coin ceremony. After that, I could finally (FINALLY) go down and give my husband a hug. He had to stand at ease, staring straight ahead until I went down onto the field to 'tap' him out. We were only allowed a brief hug and kiss because he was in uniform but just seeing him was enough for me. At this point James was SO tired, he had woken up early and missed his morning nap so he was a little bit of a grump. We plopped him in the stroller and went for a nice long walk, visiting with Mr. Sir while James took a nice nap.

We went to the Bomb Run, which is a field where they do ceremonies and there are all sorts of old airplanes surrounding it to look at. Mr. Sir and James walked together and looked at the Airplanes, it was really sweet.

There was more stuff that we did on base over the next couple of days but we also got to spend some time with Mr. Sir which was really nice. We wandered around on base and explored San Antonio a bit.

Now, Mr. Sir is at his technical training. It is really nice to be able to talk to him. He still has class during the day but in the evening we can visit and videochat, which is especially nice for James. Last night they played peek-a-boo and James kept pointing at the computer and looking at me going 'dadadada' it made my heart melt.

 Here is a little barrage of pictures from our trip, enjoy!

Mr. Sir is the 4th one from the left in the front of the picture.

My brother in law, James, and my father in law.

Mr. sir is in the back row, 4th airman from the left.

Daddy and James looking ants.


Pass and Review

At Seaworld.

At the Alamo

Both my men love their pizza.

Live and Love

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