Tuesday, June 28, 2011

# 2 of Wedding DIY's

Ok, so the last post was of some of the things that were put together by me. This post is my FAVORITE post ever because it includes the things that I put the most work into. My bouquet and my boutonnieres.

 First there are my boutonnieres, I made about 20 of them. Possibly more. This specific one was the Grooms, it matched his suit to a tee. They were all different and all of the buttons are out of my moms button collection. Though, now that I have made these I have my own button collection. They are a blast to make. The best part is finding and arranging the buttons into little bouquets.

And this is my brooch bouquet! It took me a while to collect all of the brooches. Some are costume jewelry from my great grandma. Others are from a collection that my mom had obtained through the years. Also, some are from my thrift store/70's specialty store/ antique store scavenges.

It is displayed in the champagne bottle from the bridal party that never got drunk, so Jesse and I shared it throughout the honeymoon.

I didn't get a picture of it but there is also a hidden mousey on my brooch bouquet that symbolizes my love of sewing and my quilting 'family' from all of the quilt conventions that I grew  up going to. It was given to me by a dear friend for my bouquet.

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