Monday, December 26, 2011

A Carrot Colored Bunny

Now that Christmas is over I must start posting all of the lovely gifts that I made. If I made them myself I will start doing tutorials but if I used a pattern I will just post the finished product.
My earliest gift that I got finished was a knitted carrot colored bunny that I made my (gonna be 3 years old next week) little niece who from here on out I will call Bug. So here you go....
 This is what the finished bunny was SUPPOSED to look like from the book "Knitted Toys", I got the book from the library and finished the bunny in about 2 weeks. The picture below is me working on the separate pieces. Also below is the finished bunny. I messed up on a few things, I'm pretty sure the weight of the yarn was bigger so my bunny got long and skinny. Also, some of the directions were a little confusing for an amateur knitter like myself. But all in all I am pretty proud of the finished bunny. Bug sure likes the bunny too.
~Live and Love

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