Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vikings Vest

The Front.
Alrighty, So both me and Mr. Sir (my husband) grew up in the frigid north also known as Minnesota, USA. At least most winters it is pretty darn frigid, not this one. Anyways, Mr. Sir is a diehard Vikings fan. They didn't do so great this year, but it's not about winning, its about how they play the game and the fact that they represent our home state. Last Christmas I made Mr. Sir a vikings scarf, but this Christmas I decided to use my college education and actually sew him something that will keep him warm.
He had been asking for a vest, so I made him this. Yes I used a pattern, good ole Simplicity. Got it on sale 5 patterns for $5. Not bad.
Merry Christmas dear.
Live and Love 
The Back.

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