Thursday, November 29, 2012

Food Storage, Rice and Beans

A few weeks ago I came across this blog called Earthineer. It is pretty neat in general but I found this article called "Long term food storage, done cheaply" about storing food long term, on the cheap. They just use 2 liter bottles and put rice and beans in them with bay leaves to kill any bugs or larvae that might be in the rice. It keeps for years and stacks nicely in little crannies. How ingenious. Right now I have 20 lbs of rice taking up room in my freezer.

Did you know that some rice comes complete with bug larvae? That is why when you leave it in a warm (sealed) container in the cupboard you still get bugs in it. Personally, I don't care about the bugs as long as they aren't alive destroying my pantry. So I freeze them and kill them. Problem is that now I am out of freezer space. So I am now going to try this bottle storage trick. We don't drink much pop out of 2 liter bottles but I do save all of our old liquor bottles. Something about the glass feels classy, even though its not.

So here I go. Being all frugal and stuff. I will update later when I find out how well it works. Until then, Live and Love.


  1. bottles nicer, b/c critters can chew thru plastic from the outside...

  2. LOL, You don't drink pop, but you have a lot of empty liquor bottles......LOL!!

  3. Hehe, we only have lots of empty liquor bottles because I like the glass and save them. I have had these latest bottles for a while now. The one in the picture is actually non-alcoholic mojito mix and you only get about 5 drinks out of the bottle. So I collect those quickly. I also asked a friend to save some bottles for us. So we aren't as alcoholic as we look. Lol

  4. I should also say that I don't have 20 lbs worth of liquor bottles. I have only filled 4 right now and will fill more as I get them.