Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tea/Coffee Cupboard

I am so excited about this that I have to post it. Mr.Sir and I got all motivated tonight and organized the tea and coffee cupboard. We moved all of our bulk tea's into little labeled jars so that we can see what we have easier. Yes, we drink that much coffee and tea that we have an entire cupboard dedicated to it. There is also hot chocolate mixed in there too.

Anyways, every time we go to the Natural Food Coop we always have way too much fun in the bulk tea and herb section. We have found that it is so much cheaper to buy the tea in bulk rather than in bags. It looks expensive when you look at the container (ex. 35.00/lb) but tea and herbs are so light it adds up really slowly. When drinking it, for just one mug we have a 'tea' spoon with holes in it, and for a pot of tea we just put it in the french press. I am not saying that we don't drink tea in bags, because we do. They are just so easy. But we also like our loose tea and our herbal tinctures with basil, oregano, and the such. It depends on our mood and the time of day.

I have also started making my own additions. A couple of those containers have home grown dried mint leaves and powdered orange peel that we have preserved ourselves. I don't have much in the way of an herb garden yet but next year I plan on putting a little more effort into one. It is so easy and takes very little time to make your own.

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