Monday, August 29, 2011

Recycled Milk Carton-Sandwich Box

 So every time we finish a gallon of milk... into the recycling bin it goes.
I had happened to run into a blog somewhere telling you how to turn your milk carton into
a sandwich container. So after a little cutting and folding I managed to make this sandwich box
Really it was pretty self explanatory, just cut 3 smallish flaps on the side and one large flap that goes
up almost to the neck of the milk carton. Then I added a button and some yarn for a clasp. 
Others use velcro but I don't have any at the moment.
~Here are some reasons why its so awesome!~
  1.  It is reusable, just wipe it out like a tupperware container.
  2. It's Eco-Friendly
  3. Save a little bit of money (if only a buck or two) by  not using baggies for the sandwiches.
  4. You can personalize it with stickers, or sharpie, or paint. I took a sharpie and put my hubbies name on it.
  5. If you don't feel like washing it, or if you forgot to take the sandwich out and its green and fuzzy, just toss the sandwich, rinse it and throw it in the recycling instead of attempting to disinfect it.

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