Friday, September 16, 2011

My Waspie-Corset Thing.

So I finally finished my Waspie-Corset thing. The pattern book said that the pattern that I was making is called a Waspie and since nobody knows what a Waspie is, I am calling it my waspie-corset thing. Because a waspie is a form of corset. Anyways, I have been working on it for a month-on and off. Also, I decided that it is reversible, and since I designed and made it, I have every right to declare it reversible. It fits nicely, but I need to figure out exactly what to wear it with so I don't look like I have monstro hips. Which is what it gives me because, well its a corset. It is supposed to give me that "hourglass" figure, which I don't really have. My figure is more like a rectangle, edging towards being slightly pear shaped. And I am perfectly okay with that! I love my body, as long as I treat it right, it will do the same to me (well, usually) :) 

Anyways I know you are itching to see the pictures.
So here you go. Enjoy.

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