Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sherpa Wrap and my Prewashing

So this post is kind of a hodgepodge. I am starting to work on my Christmas Gifts so I won't be posting for a little while... Or I might get sick of those gifts and do something totally different, in which case I will post :) We will see. But telling myself not to post will make me more likely to get the Gifts done, because I don't want to be giving any sneak previews. 

Anyways, LAST Christmas my oldest sister gave me a kit for a sherpa wrap/scarf/hat/throw. I haven't had time to sew it up, and then summer came and I really didn't want to do it in 100 degree weather. So now that fall is on its way I dug it out. I couldn't decide what to do with it so I decided to do the wrap. It is still all in one big piece so if I change my mind later I can do the scarf and hat. It also makes for a GREAT throw blanket on the couch because it is so cuddly and warm. It being a wrap will make it great come winter too.

Oh and this last picture, this is what happens when you have to pay for laundry, but you really really need to prewash fabric. You really don't want to wash a load of whites with a big piece of freshly dyed blue fabric. Unless you want everything to be a nice light blue - in which case then go right ahead and stick it in the washer. 

We live in an apartment, so no clothes line. All I have is our laundry rack, shower curtain rod, and towel hanger. So I prewashed my 9 yards of fabric in the sink, and hung them up to dry. And boy did my husband think that I was nuts :) 

~Live and Love~

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