Monday, July 8, 2013

Failed: middle of the month goals.

During the middle of June, I decided to make myself a goal. I was going to try oil pulling for one month to see if it was effective or not. I made it two and a half weeks. I did not really notice any difference. My teeth may be a little whiter and my skin isn't nearly as dry and irritated but I don't know if that is from the pulling or weather. I just attribute it to the weather.

The reason I stopped, it's well, I am not the most productive morning person. Throw that in with a weekend get-away to throw off my routine and I was doomed to failure. Maybe I should set less lofty goals and work my way up. Thinking that I could remember to do something early in the morning without coffee or breakfast in my system is just silly.

Anyways, for now I decided that if I want to whiten my teeth I will stick with baking soda one a week, it's easier to remember. Money wise, it's tons upon tons cheaper. I didn't notice enough of a difference in my skin to matter.

Oh well worth a try. 

Now to hang out in the coffee shop with the little man until my chiropractor appointment. Oh how I love lattes.

Live and Love'm

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