Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lifestyle Discoveries

I have always had skin issues. Exzema has been my enemy since I was a little girl. Two years ago it was at its worst and I was a miserable red itchy tomato. I had a red ring around my neck and looked like I had been hanged. It was just eczema and inflamed skin, but looked horrible.Two moves, two years and two less cats later it is better but still not perfect. Took me money and time to get in to see an allergist, and this morning I got my results.

The culprits of my misery, ranked 4 being the worst
Dust mites=4++
Red birch pollen=4+
One type of mold= 3+

Dust mites. That makes a lot of sense and probably the reason I couldn't pin point it myself because they are everywhere.

Mr.sir, James and I are working on a move back to Minnesota from Iowa so I am encountering a lot of dust. But now I can go after it proactively instead of reactively. Dust masks and allergy meds.

It won't be easy but it's a start to a lifestyle change.
Live and Love

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