Saturday, July 27, 2013

This crazy thing I call.... Life

So I realized today that I haven't posted in 10 days... Bad bad me. In my defense though, that was around the time that Mr. Sir and I decided to find new jobs, sell the house, and move back to Minnesota... All within a few weeks. I managed to find a job selling insurance, I just have to go take the course and pass the exam first. Mr. Sir has a few offers too.

We were able to get the house packed up and moved to Minnesota in 4 days flat, with a 3.5 month old that wanted to eat every few hours like 3.5 month old's do. We deserve medals. Now to wait for an offer on the house.

Then on Wednesday I had a wisdom tooth consult, and I got really lucky and they were able to squeeze me in for surgery on Friday. So here I am with my hot-water bottle (in the green rag), liter bottle of drinking water (the mtn dew bottle), purple towel over my pillow for red tinted drool, ibuprofen, and oxycodon. Oh and an awesome husband who has been feeding me, fetching me things, and changing many a diaper.

Mr. Sir and I also find ourselves in the same place we were a year and a half ago. On February 17, 2012 we signed the papers for our house and were so excited that we slept in an empty house on an air mattress in the basement living room. Now again, in the last week of living in our house, we find ourselves on an air mattress in the basement of an empty house. Many things have changed since then and we have added a family member. But it is kind of nice to round things off in this house before we go and make a million more changes.

This is the crazy thing that is my life at the moment.
Live and Love

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