Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Birthday Wishes

I had a jam packed weekend which included a great birthday! Too bad I had to round it out with a virus, sleeping on the bathroom floor the next day. Now that I am feeling much better, I thought that I could give a birthday update.

My day started with donning my St. Patricks day skirt that I made.

 I bought this doily from an antique store located across the street from my apartment. I upcycled part of a green celtic patterned dress, the doily, and an old pair of jeans to create a new skirt for my birthday and a St. Patrick's day party.

So after dressing in my new skirt, I turned on the espresso machine and mixed up myself a fresh batch of chocolate syrup to make myself a morning mocha. James did NOT like momma not paying attention to him while she made her coffee, so he threw a little tantrum.

And then played in the cupboards.

After birthday cake at the in-laws. Mr. Sir and I drove to my sister's house for the annual St. Patrick's day party. Before going out to the party I read a bedtime story to my little superhero's Tim, Tom and Bug. Otherwise known as Superhero Sir, Superhero Ma'am, and Batman.

 After the bedtime story we made our way out to the party. My sisters and husband were sure to see to it that I celebrated well. It was nice to see my sisters, it's not often we three get together with our other halves all at the same time. 

It was a great day. Too bad by 1:00 A.M. the next night I had come down with a virus. The virus at least allowed me the chance to get plenty of sleep and snuggles with James. Happy Birthday to me.

Live and Love

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