Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bitten by the bug... the sewing bug.

My sewing time usually comes in spurts. I can go a couple of weeks without setting foot into my sewing room. (Unless it is stacking empty boxes in the middle of the floor.) Then, I get bitten by the sewing bug.

This bug dictates that I spend hours upon hours on Pinterest looking up tutorials and ideas, then I will push all those boxes against one wall to spend all of the free time that I am alloted (with an energetic baby) in my sewing room. Whipping out project after project.

Right now I have multiple ideas in my head for projects to work on. One of these is part of an outfit for St. Patrick's day. I plan on celebrating the luck o' the Irish with my sisters on Saturday. One of them is hosting their annual St. Patrick's day party that I have never actually gone to. Always time for a first! Anyways, I have been holding on to a shapeless green celtic dress for a while to upcycle it into something. I have some ideas, just need to get them done. Hopefully I finish by Saturday. Oh, and I didn't mention that Saturday happens to be my 23rd birthday. Nothing better than a new top for a new year!

I have also been looking at really cute little boy clothes on Pinterest too. Both for little James and my twin nephews Tim and Tom. They turned 4 in February. That perfect age where they are adorable in everything. Especially frozen blueberry juice, and mud. So looking at Pinterest has been inspiring me to create cute little boy clothes for them. We will see what comes out of the sewing room. It might turn out and it might not.

Well, lift your glass to some inspiration headed my way.

More to come....until then.

Live and Love 

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  1. I seen the cute skirt you had pinned!! It would look adorable on you! Make sure you take pictures!!