Thursday, March 20, 2014

Capes and frilly things.

I love bearing gifts to my niece and nephews. Especially when I get to make said gifts. Last week I got hit by the sewing bug and along with making myself a skirt, I made Tim and Tom both capes and Bug a skirt.

The capes are all upcycled out of old sweaters and other scraps that I had lying around. The skirt fabric I had been holding onto for some time for the perfect project. 

Bug is such a little ham, I love her. The minute she put on the skirt she started prancing around the house. 

The capes turned out really cute. They have fleece in the hood so that they are actually functional and will keep them warm during those spring days playing out in the woods.

Live and Love

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  1. Very creative!! You amaze me time and time again!